Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who me? I didn't touch him

I have had several reports lately from Jackson's, yes I said Jackson's, teacher saying he is pushing, hitting and taking the occasional nibble of his class mates. Nothing major yet but he is the oldest in his class now at 18 months and he is also the biggest. Since he gets in trouble for pushing the other kids he has decided to go another route. He sticks out his belly as far as possible and runs into the other kids. He didn't push the other kid, right? I'm sure it was an accident.Look at that sweet face. Would he do something like that?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Family Who Wii's together . . .

Wii all met at my parents house Sunday afternoon for lunch and video games. Here is Skyler doing a Fit game. It is a spectator sport. Roger, Jackson and Rodney just to name a few.
Rodney, Grandma and Grandpa look on as Skyler works out. If you don't recognize the room it is the basement. They remodeled again. At least it isn't bright yellow.
Krista doing the ski jump.
Roger doing the ski jump too.
We had 2 Wii's going at the same time and we just migrated back and forth to watch whoever was Wii-ing at the time. Here is Krista, Grandma and Grandpa.Here is Skyler again. I think he is boxing. I'm not sure.
Skyler seems to be doing well. He has only been back at school for 3 days. They asked me if I wanted to give him his insulin shot and I said no thanks.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time For A Bath

When I told the boys it was time for a bath they waisted no time going to the bathroom and Jackson just climbed right in. Never mind the fact that he is still wearing his jammies. He LOVES to climb. What am I in for?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

Jarrett has recently become curious about the Wii and wanted to try it. He still doesn't want his picture taken but here he is on the Wii Fit. We added his little Mii and did the body test. He didn't want to do it at first so I just faked it. The computer thought he only weighed 6 pounds because I was just resting my feet on it to get through the test so he could play the games. When I finally got him to stand on it long enough for it to weigh him it said something like "Wow. You gained 33 pounds in 4 days." Would you believe that he can do it all by himself? I wasn't so sure at first but he insisted on doing it himself so I said fine and handed him the remote. He can maneuver the screens better than I can.
Here he is doing the ski jump. Isn't his little Mii cute?
I think this one is his favorite game. Your little Mii turns into a ball and you have to try to get it in the hole. Each level gets harder. He can do the first level so far. He does pretty good considering no one has told him how to play. He just learned by watching.
One of the REALLY funny things for us to watch is when he does the running game. You are supposed to put the remote in your pocket or hold it in your hand so it will know you are running but Jarrett doesn't want to do that so he has me hold it. He runs around like your supposed while I sit on the couch and shake the remote.
When he got tired Jackson stepped on the Fit and tried to do the soccer game. He didn't do so well.
Then Matt took a turn. When do I get a turn? Whenever I get a chance.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skyler is going home

I talked to Roger about an hour ago and they are releasing Skyler from the hospital. Please continue to pray for Skyler and his parents as they try to control his blood sugar and adjust to a new way of life. I will keep you posted.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Signs of Diabetes

We visited Skyler and he looks even better than yesterday. He is smiling and laughing and very hungry. He had several visitors while we were there: Jenny, Scott, Lisa, Buck as well as Matt, me, Jarrett and Jackson.Picking up where Roger left off, keep an eye out for the warning signs about diabetes. Please go to

Skyler may go home tomorrow

I just spoke to Krista and they hope to go home tomorrow. Skyler's blood sugar spiked over night so they are going to keep him for another day. Thanks to all who commented. If you haven't commented yet, please do so. Skyler is officially bored and wants to go home. Please pray that they will get his blood sugar under control and that they will be able to manage it once he is at home.

Here is a comment left by Roger on the last post:

Hi it's Roger. I wanted to stop by and say thank you to my sister Teresa to keeping everyone updated on her blog. The last few days have been very hard on us as a family, and it is nice to see that so many people are keeping us in mind. Some people have inquired as to what they can do. One thing is to post your words of encouragement and praise here. Skyler has been very brave and strong in these days in the hospital. His first day there they were drawing blood, checking his blood sugar and checking on him constantly and he did not complain once. I can tell now that he will meet this challenge and do well. Another way to help is to let people know what has happened to him, not to draw attention to him but to let people know what the warning signs are so that we can increase the chance that another child may get the help they need before it gets as bad as he was. One of the first sings is an increase in thirst and urination, looking back at the last 2 weeks we saw it but really didn't think anything of it and with a little education maybe we would of got the help for him before he got real bad. I recapped the day on my guilds forum (yes I play wow) and I will just post a link instead of posting it all here.

Thank you everyone for your concern. :)Roger
January 16, 2009 12:42 AM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comments for Skyler

I just spoke with Roger and Skyler is ready to get out of the hospital. He is feeling better and they are adjusting the insulin as needed with each meal. I appreciate all your prayers and would like to request that you leave some comments for Skyler. Roger would like to show him the blog and see that people are thinking of him. I know you're out there, my counter shows about 100 hits in the last couple of days. Please click just below this post on the word comments and a small form should pop up. You don't have to register to leave a comment but you can if you want. If you leave an anonymous comment you can put your name in the comments. I appreciate your participation! Thanks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another update on Skyler

I visited Skyler and he looks a lot better today. He was awake and even had a few smiles. They are working on getting the blood sugar under control. Roger was there . . .
as well as Krista (and Jackson). They have been learning a lot about everything they are going to have to do to take care of him when he gets home.
Rodney was there too after a long fun filled day at school (my words, not his).
Grandma was there but she left before I got out the camera. Roger and Krista's friend Christy was there also.
Just before I left Skyler's new best friend paid him a visit. She is in charge of all the games for the floor. She brought in a Nintendo 64 and some board games. He is very bored but seemed to be a little better after she visited. He is off the IV's and is ready to go home. If only the doctors were ready.

Update on Skyler

I just spoke to Roger and they have moved Skyler out of PICU and into his own room. His blood sugar was down in the 140's so they let him eat lunch. His blood sugar went up to 428 so they are giving him more insulin. He will be in the hospital until they get some kind of idea how much insulin he will need. My Dad went and visited and says he looks better than he did yesterday and was ready to get out of bed. I hope to go and visit him as soon as Jackson is up from his nap. Thanks for your prayers and I will update you again soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skyler needs our prayers

My youngest nephew Skyler hadn't been feeling well lately. After several days of vomiting he started complaining of his chest hurting and having trouble breathing. My brother Roger and his wife Krista called for an ambulance and he was taken to Wesley Medical Center. Here he is in a picture with Matt and Jarrett. They checked his blood sugar at the hospital and it was 715. For those of you who don't know, that is pretty high. He is dehydrated and in PICU until they get his blood sugar under control. He will be on insulin 4 times a day and Roger and Krista will attend classes to learn how to deal with his diabetes. I visited him this evening and he just looks wore out. He has been trying to sleep most of the day and they are thinking that his blood sugar will be back to normal tomorrow. He hasn't eaten in a while and they won't let him eat until his blood sugar is lower.
Please pray for Skyler. He is a very sweet and loving kid. Please pray for Roger and Krista too because they will have to give him the injections and try to monitor his diet. I will be in touch with them tomorrow and I will post an update sometime tomorrow. Thank you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii've been busy

Chris got a Wii for his birthday/Christmas. It is really cool. Here is our Mii family: Chris, Jackson, Jarrett, Matt and me.Here are Chris's friends (real and imaginary): Alex, Arthur(i), Bruno, Austin and Sara.I got a Wii Fit for Christmas. We have had a good time with it. Here are the Mii's that are on our Fit game: Alex, me, Chris, Austin and Matt. Matt did the setup but won't do anything with it. Chris and I use it the most.There are lots of different things you can do with it. Yoga, balance games, aerobics and strength training. I must admit that at first I was offended because it told me my Mii age was 55, I was unbalanced and it asked me if I trip a lot when I walk. It said other things too but I won't go into detail. I'm really having fun with it because my parents have one and so does my friend Pam. It is fun to talk about how we are doing and laugh at how uncoordinated we are. I usually have an audience and sometimes help from my Wii kids. Here is my audience from today: Jarrett, Matt and Jackson (who had just finished reading the Sunday paper).Jarrett likes to tell me what games to play. Here is the beginners step aerobics. Here are all the people on the stage. Jarrett and Jackson are in the middle and I am on the far right.
It gives you step by step instructions and I have yet to get them all right. Here I am doing a soccer game where all the Mii's line up and with Chris as the coach (on the right side of the screen) they kick mostly soccer balls at me and I am supposed to hit them with my head to gain points. Sometimes they kick shoes and panda heads at me and if they hit me then I lose points.
Here I am getting ready to ski. I am better at the slalom than the jumping.
Here I am as a penguin. It's pretty funny. I have to slide back and forth on a big piece of ice and eat fish without falling off the side. For most of these games you just shift your weight back and forth.

Jarrett and Jackson are too young to do it but we created their Mii's because they show up as people in the games we do. It doesn't seem like exercise when you are doing in until you start to sweat and your legs hurt. I have done Yoga but don't do well when it involves balancing on one leg. Jackson likes to crawl through my legs sometimes which throws me off but that's OK. Jarrett does a fake cry if I do bad and I have to tell him it's OK. I can't do the tight rope walking with him in the room because I fall off a lot and he gets really sad. He did try to help me by holding me up so I wouldn't fall but it didn't help. Yesterday we went to my parents house so we could put our Mii's on their system so they will see us in their games. We know several people with systems and we can play them on line too. We are having a good time.

Matt and Jarrett make a car

Jarrett got a wooden car kit for Christmas from one of the other kids at preschool. Today he and Matt put it together. They painted it blue, green, yellow and red.
Jarrett didn't want his picture taken but I did it anyway.

School Pictures

GS Memorymaker took pictures at the preschool and they were wonderful as usual. It is hard to get a good picture of Jarrett and they got several of him smiling. We bought some pictures and the rights to use them (which is awesome) so here they are.



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